Friday, November 7, 2014

Better Communication With Team Chat Apps

Communication, communication, communication! At Source Code Partners, we believe great communication is one thing that makes us awesome. Why? Well, the more we talk each other, the more we understand your needs, which leads to better development experiences, creating a happy customer. And really, that is what we are all about - happy customers.

Unfortunately, even with all the communication tools at our disposal, sometimes it’s hard to connect. We understand that our clients are busy, and they don’t always have time to pick up the phone for a quick answer, or worse, play phone tag. And, as convenient as it is, email doesn’t always cut it. In 2013, a study was done showing it takes workers on average 2.5 days to respond to email. We, of course, respond much quicker than that, but we understand that emails can take a back seat to more pressing matters for you, and it may be days before you see or are able to respond to correspondence from us.

It's no wonder collaborative team chat applications like HipChat and Slack are taking over business communication. What makes these chat avenues different, and dare we say, better? Well, they offer real-time communication, like chat, but they are much beefier! HipChat boasts their team chat is persistent, searchable, and loaded with goodies like video calling, screen sharing, and, of course, security, and we agree! Like HipChat, Slack is real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams, where users enjoy all their communication together in one place. Slack's recent announcement of a $120 million round of funding led by Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins shows the approach is working!

We use HipChat at Source Code Partners to keep in touch with our clients and each other, and it really makes the difference between a good, and just okay, development experience. We create a private chat room just for you when your project starts. Your room will have your entire development team available to answer and address anything that comes up. You will have, at minimum, an account manager, an engineer and a programmer assigned to your project to answer any questions you might have, discuss new features, or resolve any issues. You can chat, emote, upload files, video chat, and voice chat, all in the same place!

What we really love about HipChat is that the whole team can see the conversations taking place, review the chat, and understand the expectations of the project. With the whole team involved, we can also add our specialized insight to discuss and prevent any potential pitfalls in your project. HipChat is also fully searchable, so if you need to refer back to something, you can!

HipChat is available via download for PC, you can access it via a web browser, or you can get the app on your mobile device. You can get in touch with us whatever your preferred method of communication is!

Of course, we are always available via normal communication channels, too, but trust us, once you’ve experienced HipChat, you’ll never want to go back!